AC Problems

Mobile Semi Truck A/C Repair Service

One of the main criteria for comfort for the driver and passengers is the presence of an air conditioning system in the car.

Services Offered in Illinois:

  • Most common problem with A / C

    • ac doesn’t work

    • out of Freon

    • ac filter problem

    • Freon leak

    • ac leak

    • need to charge ac

The main function of the air conditioner is cooling and air purification. In many new truck models, air conditioning is integrated with ventilation and heating systems, including a common air system and unified controls.

Today, automotive air conditioners are increasingly being installed on various types of vehicles. Quite often, trucks are equipped with air cooling systems in the cab. Repair of air conditioning on trucks and maintenance of these climate systems has its own specifics.

Air conditioning in a truck is one of the most expensive elements of such a car. During operation, any, even the most eminent brand requires systematic maintenance or repair. Every year, the average truck air conditioner loses up to 10% of the refrigerant, but there are also air conditioners that can do without refueling and maintenance for quite some time. An incomplete refrigeration unit system works under load and performance decreases, which can lead to undesirable breakdowns. In addition, an insufficient amount of refrigerant in the system leads to an increase in fuel consumption of the truck itself.

For competent and operational intervention in the operation of the air conditioning system, the help of professionals is needed.

Mobile Semi Truck Repair Company repairs and maintains air conditioners on trucks of various brands and models. If your air conditioner starts to work poorly or for one reason or another is completely out of order, we will provide qualified repair with a branded quality guarantee.

In addition, a service such as refueling a truck air conditioner on trucks, which from time to time is necessary for every truck driver equipped with an air conditioning device, is very popular among our customers.

Truck Air Conditioner Service: Hose and Tube Repair

To ensure heat exchange in the air conditioning system, a constant flow of refrigerant is provided through a special system of Freon pipelines, which is a combination of hoses and tubes. To ensure the flow of fluid between the stationary parts, rigid metal tubes are used, and in places where it is necessary to create a flexible connection, rubber hoses that are resistant to low temperatures are used to organize the pipeline of the cooling system.

To create a refrigerant cycle inside the cooling system, two lines of Freon conduit are used: the low pressure line, which is the inlet for the compressor, and the high pressure line, which supplies the Freon in the opposite direction. Violation of the tightness of the Freon pipeline system requires a mandatory refueling of the air conditioner, as well as work to eliminate the leak.

Refueling and servicing a truck air conditioning system

Mobile Semi Truck Repair provides comprehensive service for truck air conditioners. Among the services that our service provides to owners of freight vehicles are repair of hoses and tubes of an air conditioner. After the specialists of our company discover and eliminate the cause of the depressurization, the truck air conditioner is refilled. On trucks, air conditioning systems from various manufacturers are installed. However, we will always find the necessary spare parts and carry out qualified repairs as soon as possible.

Our experts repair auto air conditioners on trucks of domestic and foreign production, providing qualified restoration or replacement of freon-conducting hoses and tubes of the cooling system. If necessary, our auto repair technicians will check out the customer for the most comfortable work. Refueling the air conditioner on trucks is also possible at the customer's address.

Wide demand for the service

For many years, Mobile Semi Truck Repair has been servicing automotive air conditioners in on-site trucks. With this unique service, any air-conditioned freight transport can be equipped with spare parts at any time of the day or night.

A passing refueling of the air conditioner on trucks allows you to solve all the problems in one go.