Air leak

Mobile Semi Truck and Trailer Air System Repair

Trucks carry a heavy load during operation - they withstand increased vibration, weight and other tests. Often the weak point of such vehicles is the pneumatic system. Quick repair of pneumatics on the highway or outside the city, in the absence of a technical station in a visible space - is a difficult question. However, it can be solved quickly and without much difficulty. Call the truck pneumatic system repair technician and the machine will be on the go again.

Services Offered in Illinois:

  • Most common problem with air system

    • Air leak or loss

    • out of air

    • chamber leak

    • new chamber

    • bad chamber

    • bad air hoses

    • old new air hoses

    • air tank leak

    • air receiver leak

    • bad broken air compressor

    • no air, air hoses frozen

    • air brakes slow won’t release

About pneumatics repair

Our company offers prompt and quality repair of pneumatics for trucks of all types, as well as repair of semi-trailers and trailers for them.

The peculiarity of adjusting and repairing pneumatic equipment is in the increased complexity of the device (compared to hydraulics). Therefore, the operation of this unit often leads to breakdowns, which are difficult to repair with your own hands even for an experienced driver.

The key to the truck’s uptime is regular inspection and prevention of failures. However, no one is safe from unexpected breakdowns, and this happens, as a rule, at the most inopportune moment. Plus, there is a deterioration factor for different elements - and here you can not do without overhead costs. And the machine must work, fulfill its function and recoup the costs!

Order quick repair, adjustment, diagnostics and pneumatics upgrade in our company! We use the best, highest quality parts. For repair work, specialized equipment is used. The on-site wizard will complete the full cycle of servicing your truck and trailer at the place where the truck stopped. A professional approach and careful diagnosis is the key to a successful result.

All services are performed with a guarantee. We are fully responsible to the client for the result of the work and the quality of the used spare parts. Parts are also covered by the warranty. We recommend authentic parts; genuine parts are the best option. But if you need an economical analogue, we will select the best one.

MSTR Emergency road assistance service

Yes, that’s how we work for all drivers - like lifeguards who will arrive faster than others to help solve a technical problem. Our company specializes in field repair of vehicles of any type.

One call to the MSTR Emergency road assistance service is enough - and your truck is already being repaired. Of course, we will definitely clarify all the technical details of the incident.

The driver names the brand and year of manufacture of the truck, describes the problem situation and the “medical history”. As a result, the most qualified expert, with a computer for diagnosis, with all the necessary tools, is sent to the parking lot of the car. If necessary, a whole team will come to you!

Our auto mechanics and truck electricians are a real storehouse of knowledge and experience. They cope with any problem quickly and without delay. And your special equipment will be on the move again very soon. Order repair of pneumatic systems of trucks right now! Call and write - the application will immediately go to work.

The benefits of applying for the repair of the pneumatic system of trucks to our company

Our team has highly qualified master mechanic who have the necessary knowledge and skills to perform such repair work on the road. MSTR Emergency road assistance service has at its disposal the necessary tools and equipment. Departure pneumatics from our company to the location of the vehicle is carried out in an expeditious manner, so anyone who contacts our company will quickly receive the necessary assistance.

Upon arrival, our employees will carry out diagnostics, determine the full list of faults, evaluate the possibility of repairing on the spot, and only this field will begin to repair the pneumatic equipment installed on the truck.

MSTR Emergency road assistance service has repair kits for pneumatic systems of various brands of trucks. Therefore, they often perform all the work on the spot, restore the performance of this equipment with high speed.

We do not charge a large fee for services, but at the same time we guarantee the appropriate level of quality of services for repairing the pneumatic system of a truck.