Axle Seal leaking

Mobile Semi Truck and Trailer Seal Leak repair

The ends of the wheels require technician special attention and accuracy, especially when it comes to adjusting the bearings and installing seals. Leaks in the seals at the end of the wheel are one of the most serious problems when servicing heavy vehicles.

Services Offered in Illinois:

  • The most common problems with seal leakage:

    • Wheel seal leakage

    • Leak in the axle seal

    • from the oil on the axis

    • bad / old print

    • need a new gland

    • seal replacement

Efficient wheel-end handling is an even bigger problem for trailers. While tractors deliver to destinations throughout the country, they usually return to a service center, where maintenance is carried out with proper procedures. Trailers, on the other hand, are found at destinations, making proper maintenance difficult. This has long become a dilemma for cargo trailers that travel in different directions and do not return to centralized maintenance.

Dispatchers of our company accept repair requests at any time of the day or night. Operatively form and send to the rescue repair brigade for eliminating seal leaking or replacing old seal. They are equipped with the necessary tools and equipment for seal replacment, only high-quality, including original spare parts.

With all this, experienced workers are able to ensure the recovery of the truck, regardless of brand and model, the existing conditions of the repair, as well as its level of complexity.

Unforeseen situations can overtake any truck driver. But if an unexpected truck breakdown in the city does not pose a particular danger, then a malfunction that has arisen on a long-distance road may have extremely negative consequences. Minor faults can still be repaired if the driver has good mechanic skills. Serious damage can permanently disable the car. In this case, it is possible extremely long waiting for help.

During the operation of cargo vehicles, wheel hub elements (bearings, O-rings, oil seals) experience extremely extreme loads, which leads to increased wear of parts, various defects and faults. Therefore, for normal and safe work requires regular inspections, diagnostics and, if necessary, the replacement of the oil seal of the hub.

The main task performed by the seals of a truck is to seal the joints. Simply put, this element should not allow water, dirt, dust to enter the hub. Also, glands are responsible for ensuring that the lubricant does not leak out from the inside, thereby ensuring less wear, protection against corrosion of moving parts and normal rotation of the individual elements provided by the design.

On the need to replace the hub seals will indicate excessive oiling hub and wheel nuts. In addition, the failure of the glands can also affect the behavior of the braking system. If a lubricant gets onto the brake pads, the effectiveness of the system will be significantly reduced.

When installing or replacing, the gland is pressed together with the hub. When replacing the gland, the lubricant must also be replaced. Proper installation will ensure a long gland life.

It must be remembered that with the slightest suspicion of leaks in the hub oil seals, it is necessary to diagnose the nodes as soon as possible and repair if necessary.

The most effective method that allows you to quickly and accurately restore the performance of damaged units of the car, which stood on the road outside the city limits - is an auto mechanic with a departure. A team of truck mechanics will arrive at the scene and promptly diagnose the damaged truck assembly. The exact cause of the fault is determined, and the most effective measures are taken to eliminate it. ABOUT

With us you can quickly make the replacement of the hub seals of trucks and buses of any brand. Our experts of the highest qualification, familiar with the specifics of each individual truck brand and its design features will come to you as fast as they can. Masters will help to quickly eliminate the problem, as well as provide useful recommendations for the maintenance and care of your car.

New wheel seals will help prevent loss of lubricant that could lead to bearing breakage and potential axle damage. Call the MSTR Road Emergency Services and we will get you back on the road.