Flat tire

Mobile Semi Truck Flat Tire Repair

Drivers of large cars know that it is quite difficult to eliminate the puncture of rubber on a huge wheel. Remove and put the tire on a decent-sized drive is not so easy. Here it is necessary to have specialized equipment and professional knowledge in the field of tire mounting wheels on a truck.

Services Offered in Illinois:

  • Not every expert can provide outbound truck tire fitting. Moreover, the work requires and special equipment, and sufficient experience of performers. These features have our roadside assistance service, the benefits of cooperation with which are:

    • exit tire for trucks, as well as buses and special equipment;

    • work with tires of any type and diameter;

    • the presence in the composition of the mobile complex of specialized technological equipment and tools;

    • use of modern technologies for restoring the working condition of tires and rims;

    • qualifications, years of experience and skills that are suitable for solving almost any problem with wheels and tires of trucks;

    • efficient execution of works, which allows to save the customer’s time;

    • availability of the service not only 24 hours a day, but also on any day, including holidays and weekends;

    • service in any city;

    • prices that do not exceed the average level for such services.

Truck tire service with Mobile Semi Truck Repair will arrive at the scene of the accident and carry out quality work to eliminate tire puncture. Generally, the wheels on trucks are punctured extremely rarely, but after hitting a really sharp object of impressive size, you can run into a real problem. Driving a vehicle with a faulty tire is extremely unsafe. The truck can lead to the side and there will be an uncontrolled skid, in which it is difficult to align the vehicle.

Off-site truck tire service from Mobile Semi Truck Repair service is a quick and convenient way for any driver to fix tire problems: repair punctures, edit wheel rims, and eliminate tire side cuts. Solving the issue without assistance becomes even more difficult at night and on the territory of an unfamiliar area. In such a situation, the driver will help operational exit tire for trucks.

Specialists with the help of special equipment can perform a whole range of works. Mobile truck tire repair allows you to repair cuts and punctures of tires right on the spot.

We can also:

  • to replace the punched wheel with the spare tire, if it is available;
  • pump up the wheels, bringing the pressure in them to the required level;
  • vulcanize tires.

Our specialists have equipment not only for mounting, dismounting and repairing tires. They can carry out welding repairs and repair the wheels of the car, lead paint coating drives powder method.

Also, if necessary, Mobile Semi Truck Repair can pick up tires for storage or disposal. Our masters have the opportunity to start the truck engine with a discharged battery and perform other work.

Our specialists carry powerful hydraulic and pneumatic jacks, special machines and various equipment, specialized hand tools and original devices. Thanks to such a huge range of necessary tools and ingenuity of professional masters, Mobile Semi Truck Repair successfully carries out any repair work that the customer may need.

Benefits of mobile tire repair Mobile Semi Truck Repair

Many companies do not take on the exit truck tire, as working with such equipment requires not only the availability of special equipment, but also the substantial costs of physical strength of workers. However, they do not take into account the fact that truck drivers may also need help. Mobile Semi Truck Repair due to its extensive experience will be able to provide all the necessary services and assistance when going to the site of a breakdown.

We perfectly understand that even large and powerful equipment is not insured against unexpected breakdowns on the road. That is why we are always ready to come to the aid of drivers of any trucks and trailers.