Brake adjustment

Mobile Semi Truck Brake Repair

Cargo brakes are a very important part of truck equipment; they play a key role when it comes to your safety. Therefore, safety is the most important thing when you are on the road, and we all know that a lot of accidents occur due to brake failure.

Services Offered in Illinois:

  • The most common problems with the brakes of a semi-trailer and trailer:

    • Brake adjustment

    • need a gap adjuster

    • need a new brake chamber

    • adjust the brakes (not adjusted brakes)

    • frozen brakes

    • can't move a truck

    • brakes stuck

    • need new brake pads, new brake drums

    • semi-truck brakes on fire

    • semi truck brakes

    • Brake smoking

    • brake overheating

    • brake locking

    • brakes semitrailer dragging, screeching

Repair of brakes includes services, including the replacement of brake pads, polishing of the rotors, and in case of serious damage - the complete replacement of components of the brake system. In general, brake pads need to be replaced every 50,000 miles. However, the degree of wear can vary depending on several factors, including the frequency of driving, the weight of your cargo and road conditions. Exposure to dirt, dirt, and road salt can also corrode rotors and other truck brake components.

No one will dispute the fact that the most important system in the truck for the safety of the driver and passengers, perhaps, is the braking system, whose functions are to reduce the speed of the truck while driving or completely stopping transport. In the age of speed, this is most relevant and to maintain in good condition the brakes of your iron horse is the task of every truck owner. And a team of specialists - professionals of our service will be able to help you with this.

Repair of the brake system, we will provide you at affordable prices and with a guarantee. You can tell us by phone about the problem that has arisen, and if the Internet is available, the operator on the site will immediately answer you. This will happen at any time of the day, as we stand on the guard of maintenance around the clock and regardless of weather conditions.

Our team of technicians, mechanics, and auto electricians never ceases to convince drivers that preventive inspections of vehicle systems are the key to successful safe driving on the roads and highways. With an increase in transport speeds, the requirements for increasing the efficiency of the brake system increase. The serviceability of the brake system is ensured by regularly checking the action of the brakes and brake actuators, as well as maintenance.

Our brake service is performed by mechanics that specialize in large vehicles, and we use only high-quality parts from leading manufacturers in the industry.

We provide truck brake repair and trailer brake repair services on the roads, and we know how to bypass air brakes better than anyone else.

Problem areas during braking can be wearing or oiling, soiling of brake pads, discs and belts. When braking with jerks, it may turn out that the surface of the brake drum is worn out. The vehicle may be loaded when the brake is applied, because the left and right wheel brake actuators are unevenly adjusted. And if the brake rods are incorrectly adjusted, then braking with the pedal released will not be sufficient. Problems with hydraulic brakes can cause brake fluid to leak into the air in the system.

To cope with all these problems is very difficult. It requires a qualified approach, relevant knowledge and experience. Our technical teams will arrive with modern equipment and carry out a complete diagnosis of the braking system, identify problems and promptly repair the braking system.

In addition to the above, our technicians will pump the brake system; conduct a general infusion, thereby creating conditions for safe operation of the brakes during normal and emergency braking.

Not sure why the brakes are stuck? You cannot move the truck from the place? Or, on the contrary, the brakes failed and you could hardly stop? In all these cases, and other problems with the brake system, it is better to contact the professionals who will arrive at the site immediately. Do not waste time and money on calling a tow truck and visiting the service station. Many brake failures can be fixed immediately.

Each truck system requires attention, timely care and control. But it is the serviceability of the brake system that will help you in an emergency to avoid an accident and save your life and the lives of other road users.