DPF filter

Mobile Semi Truck DPF Repair Service

The procedure for removing particulate filters installed in vehicles (trucks) must be carried out systematically to ensure the normal operation of the machine mechanism. If you do not want to spend money on a new filter, then order the cleaning service of the old one in Mobile Semi Truck DPF Repair Service. Mechanics will do the prevention of your truck quickly, efficiently and at an affordable price.

Services Offered in Illinois:

  • Most common signs / problems of a DPF system

    • Parked Regene required

    • ACM error

    • The conditions are not met, see Status

    • scr system error

    • The engine will deteriorate

    • problems with determining

    • pure dpf filter

    • Dpf sensor

    • manual regeneration

    • def service

    • car speed is limited to 5 miles per hour

    • no truck has power

    • truck loses force uphill

Diagnosis, repair and flushing of DPF filters

A particulate filter is an element of the exhaust system that is designed to trap soot particles of medium and large fractions. Its installation is mandatory for all diesel cars of Euro-4 class. The device is located in the exhaust system, it is a container of metal, inside of which is a ceramic matrix of silicon carbide with a cellular structure. Flushing the DPF filter is a procedure that is recommended to be carried out regularly to avoid the accumulation of a critical mass of soot leading to breakdowns.

The DPF filter can be cleaned automatically (for FAP models with recovery functions) or mechanically (for closed-type DPF models). However, the recuperation process, or automatic cleaning of such filter, starts only with a significant increase in temperature in the housing, for which it is necessary to put the engine into high load mode. This causes increased fuel consumption, engine life, oil - all this increases the cost of maintaining a car. However, in the following cases, our experts replace the particulate filter:

  1. difficulties in starting the engine;
  2. frequent need for oil change;
  3. increased smoke exhaust;
  4. deterioration in dynamic performance.

Our craftsmen repair DPF filters using modern equipment. Before direct work, customers are offered a free DPF filter diagnostics, thanks to which we can quickly determine the state of the exhaust system elements and recommend the best solutions to problems.

During long-term operation of a vehicle whose DPF filter is clogged, there is a danger of oil getting into the cylinders, which may lead to water hammer and destroy the EGR valve.

The repair cost will be minimal with timely diagnosis of the motor vehicle, when removing the DPF filter, with proper operation of the vehicle. Truck service mechanics will perform software or physical removal of the particulate filter on diesel engines on trucks. It is possible to completely remove this filter, and replace it with a flame arrester.

A particulate filter on modern trucks is not only a reduction in air emissions, but also a real headache for its owner. Being designed to meet environmental standards of EURO 4 and above, the particulate filter captures small particles of incompletely burned fuel, and then - through the so-called “regeneration” - it must be cleaned from them by burning particles in the filter itself with the help of additional fuel injection.

Not always repair or replacement is the optimal solution. The fact is that replacing the filter is an expensive process. Depending on the type of malfunction, we can offer Mobile Semi Truck DPF Repair Service customers to remove the particulate filter and disable it programmatically.

Physical removal of the filter is not difficult: the element is removed from the exhaust system using special equipment. Next, the particulate filter is turned off. To do this, our experts read the ECU firmware and make the necessary changes to it, deleting the program codes and adjusting the software as quickly, accurately and competently as possible!

Programmatically disabling the particulate filter from Mobile Semi Truck DPF Repair Service specialists is the key to repeatedly increasing engine power (after all, exhaust gases will freely leave the system), as well as its dynamism and economy!