Electrical problems

Mobile Semi Truck and Trailer Electrical System Repair

Having semi-truck and trailer electrical problems?

Assistance from the MSTR is not a problem.

Your fleet, your drivers, and your trucks depend on how the battery and electrical system work properly, so that your cargo is on its way to its destination and that your drivers feel comfortable. Part of your fleet maintenance preventive maintenance schedule should include regular testing of batteries and systems to diagnose and troubleshoot the power supply in your truck before you pay for towing and repairs at the store.

Services Offered in Illinois:

  • The most common problems with electric trucks and trailers

    • Ecu problem

    • computer diagnostics,

    • bad fuses / need new fuses,

    • bad relay / need relay,

    • electrical cable,

    • no light / lights don't work,

    • brake lights do not work,

    • flashing lights do not work,

    • there is no lights,

    • the light goes out,

    • need a light bulb.

The truck consists of a large number of smart elements and parts, which are modern electrical equipment. This requires the services of an electrician for trucks with specialized education, which will be able to diagnose and fix any problems with the truck in electronics.

The profile of our activity is to ensure the correct technical operation and uninterrupted operation of the electrical equipment of all modern trucks.

An electrician should call a truck if your truck suddenly stops winding up, stalled on the road, the ignition lock does not work, there is no spark, there were failures in the alarm system, and it does not work, and other reasons. All of these reasons will not allow continuing the path of the car. In such conditions, the only right decision will be to call an electrician on trucks for diagnostics and repair at the place of breakdown.

The benefits of calling a specialist in place are obvious. Many works on the elimination of damage can be carried out by experts in the field. This means that the owner of the truck will not have to interrupt the flight, call a tow truck and drive into the service station, be late for work and lose money. Our master at the exit will be able to conduct computer diagnostics, check the integrity of electrical cables, as well as help if headlights or stop lights do not work. Do not waste time and money - contact the professionals who can restore the correct operation of the electrical system of the truck or semi-trailer.

We are ready 24 hours a day to go to the place of breakdown and implement:

  • Repair of electrical cable and electricians;
  • Repair of electronics and electronic control units;
  • Diagnostics of breakdowns of almost all models of trucks and special equipment;
  • Comprehensive computer diagnostics of systems on dealer equipment.

Suddenly a truck stalled? The engine does not start, and you have already begun to calculate in your mind how much this trouble will cost you?

We offer a unique service - not only to identify the cause of the breakdown, but also to bring your truck in good condition, so that you immediately continue driving.

You do not need to go anywhere, just give us a call, describe the situation, and a specialist will immediately come to you who qualify specifically for your problem!

Why do you need to contact us?

  • We have more than 30 specialists of various profiles who are qualified to repair various systems of common truck models;
  • We are actively searching for alternative methods of troubleshooting components and mechanisms in order to reduce your repair costs;
  • Our scanning systems are represented by dealer equipment, created with the participation of manufacturers of trucks;
  • We are ready to take on the maintenance of your fleet on favorable terms.

For many years of work in the market, our company has established itself as a flawless performer. We are constantly developing, we are updating our fleet of equipment, we are opening new branches, and we are developing new areas of service.

To avoid all the problems listed above and much more, it is important that you regularly inspect your truck and not miss a scheduled maintenance or preventative repair of the truck.

We will conduct a system diagnostics of the electrical system of your truck or trailer in the problem area, in order to identify and identify electrical problems.

Contact the MSTR Emergency Road Service to have any repairs on the electrical system of the semi-trailer and the trailer carried out by a truck repair company that does everything possible to make your truck work and earn money.