Mobile Semi Truck Repair Road Service in Aurora, Illinois

Trucks are operated in difficult severe conditions, all their mechanisms and systems operate in intensive mode and under voltage, they are exposed to high and low temperatures, therefore, as a result of heavy wear, the components of this equipment often fail. The cause of breakdowns is also not timely maintenance and negligent attitude of the craftsmen during its implementation, as well as during the implementation of truck repairs.

Mobile Semi Truck Repair Road Assistance

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The bulk of this equipment does not fail at the depot, but on the road or at the facility, being involved in the transportation of certain goods. In places where its repair is problematic, especially considering the fact that modern trucks are quite high-tech devices, and the driver, even with the necessary tools, will not be able to provide it at the proper level of quality. In addition, a huge amount of time will be spent on repairing the truck, which will lead to long technological interruptions, a delay in the performance of certain works, and overhead costs.

Therefore, in such a situation, it is better to use the services of professionals by ordering Mobile Semi Truck Repair Road Service in!

  1. We respond promptly to each application!
  2. The arrival time of technical assistance from 30 minutes!
  3. 24-hour on-call team of specialists!
  4. A wide range of services!

Our exit freight truck service is equipped with specialists of different professions. Depending on the task, the need for specific repairs. When forming the team, the company's dispatchers who accepted the application take into account the information provided by the customer about the signs of breakage.

This is taken into account when equipping workers with tools, equipment, consumables and spare parts. Our company works as a coordinated mechanism, which eliminates the possibility of losing valuable time, and ensures the speed of departure to the place and the high speed of the necessary work.

Mobile Semi Truck Repair Road Service in Aurora, Illinois offers on-site truck repair and maintenance.

We are engaged in freight technical assistance on a professional basis and have vast experience in carrying out such work, so we carry them out promptly and at a high level of quality.

The employees of Mobile Semi Truck Repair Road Service are highly qualified specialists who have at their disposal modern tools and equipment, they are equipped with high-quality spare parts and consumables.

Work that is carried out by a trucking truck service

  • Complete truck fault diagnosis using modern equipment and instruments.
  • Replacement of process fluids, filters, candles.
  • Battery recharge.
  • Engine start.
  • Bleeding the brakes.
  • Replacement of tires, vulcanization of chambers.
  • Wheel balancing.
  • Repair of fuel, cooling, lubricating, brake and exhaust systems.
  • Recovery of the ignition and fuel injection system, generator and starter.
  • Body repair.
  • Repair let down and chassis of the car.
  • Recovery of electrical work, on-board computer, air conditioning and heating systems.
  • Repair of additional equipment, clutch systems, gearboxes, axles, etc.
  • Put the ignition on the truck.
  • Diagnostics before buying a truck.
  • Truck Battery Replacement.



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Not only drivers who are in trouble on the highway, but also large transport companies with which service contracts are concluded. We serve all brands and models of trucks on the road.


We will always come to the rescue: if your truck breaks down on the road, does not start after parking or you just need regular maintenance on the road, we will come to you and solve all problems.

Only in our company your truck will be served by a real specialist with extensive experience. He will fix a truck breakdown in a short time. And the price for quality services is not so great.

Mobile Semi Truck Repair Road Service in Aurora, Illinois is attentive to its customers, and appreciates them for choosing our technical support, the fastest and highest quality.

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Mobile Semi Truck Repair Road Service in Aurora, Illinois