Mechanical Services

Our Mobile Semi Truck Repair company, engaged in repair of trucks and trailers opened a workshop. The main credo of the company is the high quality of repair at minimum cost and time. Highly professional technicians will quickly repair any truck, regardless of brand and year of manufacture.

Service and care

If you have broken in the country, and there is no possibility to make repairs yourself, call Mobile Semi Truck Repair. We will send a tow truck, and if towing is impossible, we will carry out repairs on the spot. Also, we guarantee that we will carry out only the necessary repairs, without winding up the price and not inventing problems where there are none. Here you can really inexpensively repair the car.

Services Offered in Illinois:

  • Mechanical Services

    • Complete Truck & Trailer Repairs

    • DOT Inspections & Repairs

    • Mechanical Repairs

    • Electrical Repairs

    • AC

    • Brakes

    • Suspensions

    • Transmissions

    • Differentials

    • Exhaust / Fuel System Repairs

    • Welding / Fabrication Services

    • Overhauls

    • Swing / Overhead Door Repairs

    • Complete Tire Sales & Service, NEW, USED & RECAPPED

Professional team

During recruitment, the most important thing for us is their professional qualities. If the novice does not meet the stringent requirements, he is not allowed to the customers machines. Only those who have already proved their professionalism, not in theory, but in practice, are allowed to be serviced by cars. Managers also have the highest qualifications, making the design work takes a minimum time. Technicians also work as fast as possible and clearly maintain the queue without moving orders.

Long-term cooperation

We have entered the truck and trailer maintenance market seriously and for a long time. Performing work at the highest level provides us with new orders. And for the company this is exactly the goal - long-term cooperation with regular customers and attracting new ones through growing popularity. And it works now. A lot of people come to us on the advice of friends or acquaintances. We offer something that competitors simply do not have: honest repair and minimal work time.

Modern equipment

The workshop is equipped with modern machine tools. Thanks to this work is done in the shortest possible time. In this repair corresponds to the highest level. All mechanics are equipped with the best tools, which reduces the time and increases its quality.

Travel assistance

If you are broken on the way, please contact. We will send a special truck that has all the necessary equipment. On board there are both computerized systems and all the necessary parts for repair. The main thing - when addressing, at least approximately, tell us. What is the problem and name the model of your car.

What types of services are provided in our Mobile Semi Truck Repair

Cargo repair from specialists of the company includes the following areas:

  1. Departure of the electrician - finding faults in the electrical circuit, repair of electrical equipment;
  2. Diagnostics before purchase - checking compression, pressure in the fuel system, injectors;
  3. Special equipment diagnostics - checking engine management systems, transmission, pneumatics and hydraulics malfunctions;
  4. Departure of a diesel engine mechanic - engine repair, compressor, pump, valve adjustment;
  5. Check out locksmith - replace clutch, repair the hub, replace the outboard bearing;
  6. Departure of the fuel technician diagnostician - troubleshooting, pumping the system, replacing injectors and fuel pump;
  7. Departure of technical assistance - after heating the truck, urgent start, delivery of spare parts, diagnostics and repair.

The benefits of calling a specialist in place are obvious. Much work on the elimination of damage can be carried out by experts in the field. This means that the owner of the truck will not have to interrupt the flight, call a tow truck and drive into the service station, be late for work and lose money.