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Mobile Semi Truck Won’t Start Repair

The truck, trailer or other vehicle doesn't start? This problem worries many drivers, especially in winter. Unfortunately, to refuse to start your engine can for many reasons - even a minor breakdown can affect it.

Services Offered in Illinois:

Start of the engine with departure. The truck will not start

Starting the engine is a Nightmare for every truck enthusiast, if the trouble-free and loyal iron assistant suddenly stopped starting. The reasons may be a million and far from always obvious, ranging from a dead battery, ending with the breakdown of the motor itself. What to do when the engine does not start? Trying to cope on their own, call a tow truck or an exit specialist in the diagnosis and repair of the car? To begin with we will sort the most frequent cases.

Reasons for not starting the car

Sat down battery

You forgot to turn off the lights, music, interior light. Or maybe just hit frost. The result is the same: instead of the planned trip, you are rushing around the yard in search of a neighbor who is ready to "light you up" or proudly defile your battery back home to put it on charge. And this is the best option, where you have high-voltage wires for lighting and charging (as our specialists have). In the worst case, you can not get into the car.

Of course, the dead battery is not the worst. Even a novice truck enthusiast is quite capable of replacing it. But the fragile and gentle motorist for this is definitely not intended: one weight of the battery is worth something. Exit: look for the help of a brave knight among friends and acquaintances, or contact us for help charging the battery with departure!

But if it is not clear why the battery has sat down, then the brave knights will not be prevented by the professional diagnostics of their iron horse. In a modern car, there are many electrical consumers: music, lighting, an alarm.

Calling the electrician-diagnostician will help to detect all the flaws in the operation of electrical systems and, most likely, eliminate them on the spot, thereby significantly increasing the service life of the battery.

Alarm blocks engine start

Another common reason why the truck does not start or starts and stalls is the truck alarm. All alarms have a service life of two to three years, and then problems can begin. In particular, your truck can open and close doors, but not disarmed. Our qualified truck repair and diagnostics specialist will fix the problem on the spot. Or, if truck alarm repair is not possible on the spot, disable the lock so that you can start the truck and drive to a specialized truck service center.

Starter or alternator failure

Both the starter and the generator are automobile units that are experiencing a heavy load, and therefore also often fail. Moreover, it is not easy to determine the damage on a dead battery. Our expert on field auto diagnostics will accurately determine the reason why the truck will not start. Sternly, if the case is in the generator (starter) and it is located in the upper part of the engine compartment - it will help to remove, take it for repair, and install it back. As a rule, the cost of these works is significantly lower than the cost of a tow truck.

Candles, wires, filters

Candles break through and fill. Wires are aging, cracking. Clogged filters impede the flow of gas and air. Our experts always take at the exit to start the engine plugs, universal high-voltage wires and a pressure gauge to measure the pressure of gas in the ramp of the engine. Thus, professional auto diagnostics will not only save you from guessing at the coffee grounds.

Whatever the reason, the vast experience of Mobile Semi Truck Repair will allow it to be detected and, if possible, eliminated on the spot.

In our fleet will find all the most modern, newest tools, with which we will be able to eliminate all breakdowns in a short time and right on the spot breakage without calling a special technique. Roadside Assistance Mobile Semi Truck Repair will come to you with a set of starting devices, equipped with battery testers to start and operate your vehicle. We will also ensure proper charging of the power supply system, and you will leave in the right direction without loss of time, nerves and money.