Trailer Repair

The Mobile Semi Truck Trailer Repair Service company provides high quality semi-trailer repair service.

We have highly professional mechanics and all the necessary equipment, so that repairs are always done very quickly and efficiently. Also, we have a repair service on the road. After the call, a truck leaves for you, in which a professional team arrives with a great tool. The call of the repair team is available 24/7.

Services Offered in Illinois:

  • Trailer Repairs Services Include:

    • Roof Repair – small holes to complete roof replacement.

    • Flooring – small patch to complete trailer floor replacement.

    • Doors – corner patches, c-lock or complete door replacement.

    • Lights – all light repair, electrical diagnostic and replacement.

    • Air System – replace 30/30 chambers, all housing, all valves including leveling valves, and glad hand replacement.

    • Suspension – replace springs, equalizers, slider pins, s-cams, wheel seals, hubcaps and brakes.

    • Exterior Body-patch small hole, complete panel or radius panels.

    • Welding – all suspension, slider rails, hangers, landing legs and icc bumpers.

    • Landing Legs – repairs and complete leg replacement.

Our entire staff is proud to be able to cater for and repair the best representatives in this field: Hyundai, Wabash, Marion Body, Delta Waseca, Transcraft / Benson, MAC Trailer, Stoughton, Sidump’r and Vanguard, Fontaine and many others. Thanks to direct cooperation with suppliers of parts and various spare parts, we are indispensable in repairing your trailer.

We offer a full range of repair services: transmission, engine, chassis, electrics and electronics. You can always be sure that contacting us guarantees that you will get rid of the problem. All possible brands and models of trucks and trailers are accepted.

Repairs can be made both in our garage and on the road. You can call a team of technicians directly on the road, if the accident occurred on the road. Also, if necessary, we will send a team that will carry out pre-trip inspection and, if necessary, preventive repair of all components of the machine.

Nowadays, service and repair of trailers is a rather demanded service. The fact is that the trailer is subjected to enormous loads during its operation. In particular, these are shock and vibration loads, non-compliance with operating rules, as well as illiterate maintenance or repair.

Unfortunately, breaking a trailer on the road is not uncommon. Now the owners of auto trailers can be calm, because our Mobile Semi Truck Trailer Repair Service provides a full range of services for repairing trailers of any brand with a trip to the place of breakdown.

In addition to emergencies, you can call us for:

  1. Diagnostics of the internal equipment.
  2. Repair of internal equipment, including furniture.
  3. Installation of additional equipment.

Advantages of receiving exit technical assistance:

  • quick solution of problems;
  • search for the true causes of failure;
  • prompt response to customer calls;
  • the ability to solve many problems with the truck when there is no truck service nearby;
  • providing comprehensive services even at night and outside the city.

Mobile Semi Truck Trailer Repair Service will always come to the rescue in a difficult situation. Call us now and save your valuable time. Now you can repair your trailer right on the go!